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Why Not Me?

Thursday, February 9

Why Not Me?
By: Lori Ennis

“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man[a] Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all.” 1 Timothy 2:5-6

I grew up much like the Pharisees may have. If I obeyed God by obeying His law, nothing bad would happen to me. I was very much of the, “Well, surely someone must have sinned for something so bad to be happening in their life,” mentality. The good things that happened in my life were because I was a good girl.

You see, a lot of the faith I grew up with led me to believe that good works and good behavior were the staples of what would get me into Heaven, not to mention ensuring I had a great life here on earth. 

Oh, sure, I had to believe in Jesus as my Savior, but even more important (it seemed) was that I behaved well and did all the right things to please Him.

Until the day ‘good’ wasn’t good enough.
Until one day my world was turned upside down, with no reasoning behind it. 

People kept asking why the trauma and tragedy were mine. I was a good person with a heart of gold and obviously loved God. If honest, I also asked, “Why me?”

Friends, that’s where so much of today’s world fails us. It lies to us and tells us that God’s favor and grace are based on OUR lifestyles and OUR works and when someone who is faithful comes into desperation, that folds under like quicksand. 
Because none of us is righteous, no, not one.

The truth is we all fall short. We always will. 

Now, when people ask, “Why you?” I’ve learned to respond with, “Why not me?” I am no better than anyone else, no matter WHAT I do in this life.

God’s grace is just that–unmerited and entirely abundant. He gave His life to ransom mine and yours, and when we believe our works or things we do as ‘good people’ can even come close to that sacrifice? We audaciously steal His power. He never promised the world would be easy; in fact, He promised quite the opposite.

If you’re tired of trying to be sure you’re good enough to ward off anything bad or get that fire insurance into Heaven, I can relate! 

But know that our Father calls you to come to Him and rest. He’s given Himself already, and the fruits of the spirit you’ll display with Him as your savior will be naturally evident.

Striving so hard is exhausting. Accept His love and grace for you.

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