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My Prayer For You

Wednesday, May 8th
My Prayer for You
By: Pastor Shane Beauvais

One of my favorite prayers is that which Paul offers to the people of the Ephesian church (Ephesians 1:15-19). In just a few short verses, the Apostle focuses on a prayer posture that seeks a deeper faith in Jesus, a greater love for those in our world, and a more excellent pursuit of the Spirit to know God better.

So, why do we pray? I admit that many years of my life have been filled with a prayer that revolved around my needs. I prayed because I wanted something from God and was oblivious that I was immersed in some ritualistic transactional exchange. Should we ask God for the provision and personal issues? Yes! But there is a difference. How many of us only pray when we need something, desperate for the benefits of God, without genuinely seeking intimacy with God? I have been there!
This week, I listened to a discussion highlighting how we practice being in God’s presence, particularly in prayer. Prayer is about knowing God. But we often miss the most essential thing in prayer - God himself - and seeing God in others.

This Ephesians passage is a beautiful reminder that true transformation comes from within. Prayers are more than just our daily needs and more than a group of people in our lives. When we sit in the presence of the Lord, postured in humility, earnestly seeking God in relational prayer for ourselves and others, the fruit will be apparent. His kingdom comes, and His will be done on earth as in heaven. When was the last time you prayed in such a way that you forgot you were praying?

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