Worship services now taking place Sundays at 9AM & 11AM, both online & in person.

Real Life Women's Ministry is a community of women who have set our hearts toward Christ and His Kingdom.

Come join us for some exciting events that are full of Laughter, Soul Searching and Fellowship.

More information comes out as we get closer to each event.

Bible & Book Study - The Well Watered Woman

August 2 - October 11
This group will meet every other Monday in the Big Building at 6:00 PM.

Below find the links to the Well Watered Woman book and Journal. These books compliment each other and help dig deeper into the subjects, however the Journal is the most vital piece.  You will not need your book on August 2 so please don't feel rushed.  There is no reading assigned to do before we meet.  

Click here for the JOURNAL link.
Click here for the BOOK link.

Canvas Painting

August 26 at 5 PM
Hosted at Real Life by Creative Faithfulness
Location: Real Life Small Building

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