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The Salt Shaker

Monday, April 22nd
The Salt Shaker
By: Kaleigh Hoschar

All this week we will unpack the truth about the beauty of God's commands from Psalm 119!

There was a girl who sat at her parents' dining room table at midnight, confessing to her mom that she had done something irreversibly wrong. 
As she cried, her mom reached across the table and grabbed the salt shaker and placed it in front of her and asked…

“Why do you want this (the salt shaker), when God has given you the world around you?”

You see, sin creates a box around us. It captures our attention, our hearts and our minds. And if “sin” was the salt shaker, what do you think the girl had her eyes fixed on?

When we think of “law” we think of what binds us. Restricts our freedom, our thoughts and our minds.

But what if that wasn’t what it meant?

What if Law was God’s Love in action? Setting up healthy boundaries for our attention, our hearts and our soul. Giving us LIFE, joy, and boundless excitement!

So that we no longer want the salt shaker… we want everything God has for us when we CHOOSE to follow Him and honor His beautiful Law!

Psalm 119:37 says “Turn my eyes from looking at what is worthless; give me life in your ways”.

Oh God, give us eyes to see that your ways breathe LIFE into our lungs!

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