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Fullness of Joy

Wednesday, April 10th
Fullness of Joy
By: Pastor Melissa Beauvais

Psalm 16:11

 Today just so happens to be my 20-year wedding anniversary! Celebrating with so much joy! On this day, 20 years ago, a Chaplain took my soon-to-be husband aside and told him, “You know, most of these do not last,” he was right…for most. We are not most! We found Someone 4 years into our marriage that has forever changed us and our relationship. That is Jesus. Though there have been times throughout the years that have been hard and rocky, God’s presence in the midst of our marriage continues to draw us into Himself and outwardly towards each other and others. We have found the “fullness of joy” even when things are not as great as we’d like.

In the garden, before the fall, man and woman lived in perfect union with one another and with God. They knew what it felt to feel no shame and work together, living out God’s will without contention or strife. When sin entered the human heart, everything was disrupted, and the relationship between God and His image bearers was broken. The relationship between Adam and Eve now comes with power struggle, labor, and hardship. Their sin has continued to reap its effects on every human thereafter, but because of Jesus, those in Christ can know “the path of life” through God’s presence.

In God’s presence, you can see and experience glimpses of Eden, what it was always meant to be, and what it will be in the New Creation. God grants us this access now when we seek to make His presence our center. Joy is not contingent on whether all is right between us or the world but on God, who allows us to seek out His presence in all things. Friends, seek Him out! Find daily rhythms that cultivate living in the presence of God and knowing His fullness of joy.

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