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Generosity God's Way

Tuesday, January 23rd
Generosity God’s Way
By: Shirley Davis

If you really want to be challenged to follow Jesus, I suggest you read this passage in the Amplified Bible!! Sadly, there is not space to include it here, but it will give you enough food for thought for this entire week! If we’re honest, we all might briefly entertain this fleeting thought: “WHAT??? Really, Jesus, are you kidding??”

But if we spend time studying and praying about it, it becomes clear that if we would truly put this into practice, we would indeed “Shine like stars in the dark world” Philippians 2:15 (ICB). I have found that at times when there is someone who could be considered an “enemy” or at least someone “challenging”, if I will at least stop and pray sincerely for them and try to be nice (rather than start to grumble), the situation lightens.

Many years ago, I was confronted by such a person who was very angry with me for no reason, and so caused me a lot of trouble by falsely reporting me to not only my boss, but the state officials! I did study this very bible passage and prayed for some time. Then I suddenly had the thought: “most people react and give back as good as they get, so what if this person has never encountered a loving, forgiving Christ follower?” 

I was determined to make a special effort, prayed, and even found a way to bless that person. I actually got the idea to bake them a chocolate cake, and so got a friend to drive me to the person’s home and deliver it with a friendly note. (I later learned that he was convinced I must have put poison or something in it, so threw it out!) But inexplicably, the whole situation defused overnight! To me this was a very clear and encouraging proof of the truth of God’s Word – and I actually had peace about the whole situation from the very moment I made the decision to make him the cake! I encourage you not to be overwhelmed by this challenging passage, but instead be determined to recognize it as an opportunity to pray and seek God’s guidance as to how to shine the love of Jesus!

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