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The Last Straw

Tuesday, April 4

The Last Straw
By: Allison Hand

‘“So they answered Jesus, ‘We don’t know.’ And Jesus said to them, “Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things.’” Mark 11:33

After Jesus’s triumphant entrance, He was still teaching as a free and respected teacher.
Until that Tuesday in the Temple. 

That was the last time He was really free. At the end of this day, He’d begin to be a wanted man.

On this day in the Temple, with the religious leaders the Sanhedrin, Jesus basically cut the final straw. They were tired of this ‘Rabbi’ overturning everything, literally, as He’d cleaned out the temple just the day before.

They were tired of the people falling at His feet.

They were tired of Him stumping them. On this day, Jesus has asked them a question that they just didn’t know the answer to–it was His response to their question of how He had the authority to teach and preach like He was.

His answer was basically a snub that said, “I don’t’ have to tell you anything.” And He didn’t.

What gets me about this whole interaction is that He knows what the week will end like. He could have told them He was God incarnate, and He could have done something miraculous for all of them to fall at His feet too. He could have turned them from those who left this meeting plotting to have Him killed into His most ardent followers.

But He didn’t. He knew this would lead them to join others in a plot to have Him killed, and He knew what had to be done. 

Today, will you join me in thanking The One with all the Authority in the world for laying it down to save you and me?

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