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Sunday Burn

Thursday, February 23

Sunday Burn
By: Lori Ennis

“They said to each other, ‘Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?’” (Luke 24:32)

Have you ever walked out of church on Sunday morning feeling like you are ON FIRE? Like the message was SO powerful and the Holy Spirit SO present you were determined that THAT day was going to be the day you picked your Bible back up for the Bible plan you’re on? THAT morning was the morning you signed up for all the service opportunities you could and that night before bed you made sure you didn’t skip Jesus time with your little one because bedtime was already hectic enough? Your heart just burned for Jesus!

And then you woke up Monday.

Monday came, and the world came at you, and suddenly the fire felt far duller than it had been the day before.

You’re not alone! Many of us feel that way. We’re on fire for Jesus and we want nothing to be more like Him. We want more of Him and in those moments, we ONLY want Him.

But life.

The process of sanctification is one that we continually go through. It’s because Christ is the Lord of our hearts and our lives that we have that fire burn. It’s because when He talks to us, we want to be more holy, more like Him. We want to bear the fruits of the spirit because He works through us to love and be like Jesus.

So even though life works to distract us, He is continually working in us. When you feel that conviction to change the channel because the tv content’s not so great? When you recognize you’re about to white fib to a coworker to save feelings or get out of something? When you give to the woman on the street because you see her need in her eyes? When you recognize you were ugly to your spouse or child and need to repent?

Sanctification is moment-by-moment; the best news is that we don’t have to let life get in the way. We continue to grow in His holiness every time we heed the Holy Spirit’s conviction.

So yes, burn with that fire Sunday morning. But also allow it to burn every other day of the week as you minute-by-minute do as He says, follow in His footsteps, grow in His word and strive to be more like Him. You’re likely to find that the fire continues to grow and be that Sunday burn every day!

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