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God is Still on the Throne

Tuesday, November 1

God Is Still On The Throne
By: Allison Hand

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

In children’s church we sing this Scripture as a song with hand motions, and my favorite part is when we jump up into the air and come landing down hard as we sing the word “crushed.”  

The kids think they are dancing around to a fun song about God, but what’s really happening is that they are memorizing and writing something incredibly important about God on their hearts–something that I hope will never leave their minds.

As a Christ-following parent, I believe one of the best ways to be good stewards over the children God gave us is to prepare them for one of life’s hardest times.  

My husband and I have sat down with our kids and explained that God does not promise us tomorrow. Any one of us could be gone in a moment. 

We are not only preparing their hearts, but ours as well, so we remember that though loss is a real thing, it doesn’t mean God doesn’t care or has abandoned us. We talk about how we can instead see the beauty in being with God forever–in the best place anyone can be. 

And, if at some point we aren’t here, we want them to cling to the one thing that is the most important–God! Their faith in God. Trusting that when bad things do happen, God is still on the throne, still near, still loving , still good, still in control. 
Life will bring death into their lives, but when it happens, it is our hope they will cling to what they ( and we) already know to be true.
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