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Wisdom From Others

Tuesday, October 4

By Allison Hand
Wisdom From Others

“The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails—given by one shepherd.”
Ecclesiastes 12:11 NIV

One of the coolest things about reading through Scripture is that we can see how God is always at work in people. When we see the Holy Spirit work, it is almost always through people.

The same goes with one of God’s very own attributes, His wisdom. God bestows his wisdom on people and those people in return use that wisdom not only for living a good life, but to help and direct others.

We got to see that in action in Solomon's life! It’s how God works! And He is still working that way today through people–giving wisdom and prompting people to use that wisdom for the good of others. He spurs them back toward Christ when they are struggling to get it right.

Most of the time we see the value of wisdom. And not just worldly wisdom, but godly wisdom. We understand that God is infinitely wise and offers wisdom toward us in humility. We get it, wise is good. Wisdom leads to a good life. Proverbs tells us that when we live out God's wisdom good things will happen. Our bones will be strong and we will have good health, prosperity, and a long life.

But if we are truthful with ourselves, we struggle at times to live in God’s wisdom, instead trusting in ourselves or worldly wisdom. It happens to all of us! And it’s easier to be the one giving the wisdom rather than receiving the wisdom from our godly friends .

Still, God is at work in others to pull you back to Him.

Farmers use a pointed device called a goad to prod animals to move forward. The idea is that it hurts just enough for the animal to listen and move.

The author of Ecclesiastes gives us the visual that godly wisdom from others is like a goad prodding us back to right living with God.
Receiving godly wisdom from those around doesn’t always feel good in the moment. It hurts! It hits our pride hard. But in that, God is asking us to say “Ouch! That hurts”, so that we then receive the instruction or truth, we do it. Hopefully, we do it through humility and the prompting and power of the Holy Spirit moving us to make the change.

So, when others share godly instruction, receive it not as from humans but as from God Himself.  You can trust that God is at work through others around you to help and guide you.  

Today, ask God to help you receive and ask for godly wisdom from those around you. And if you don’t have godly friends, ask God to send them to you, because there is nothing more beautiful than having a friend spur you on and point you back to Jesus.
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