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Appeasing the Crowd

Sidney D. Wheatley, Daily Devo – The Wesleyan Church
Therefore, I will punish him and then release him.
(Luke 23:16)

Have you ever been innocent of something yet were punished to appease a crowd? There are times in life when the crowd wants you punished for some reason and someone in authority appeases the crowd. It has nothing at all to do with you but the insecurity of the person holding the authority.

Jesus was faced with this situation when the leaders of the Jews wanted him to be punished because of their insecurities. Pilate didn’t have the courage to withhold punishment from Jesus, so he appeased the crowd. He wanted to remain in power and did not want to upset the Jewish leaders or the people. Jesus had not done anything wrong, but pleasing the crowd was more important to Pilate. Jesus did not try to stop the pacification, because he knew he had to fulfill the purpose of God for his life.

When you are falsely accused and people want you to pay, remain steadfast. The rejection may happen at your job, in your family, or at church. Those who are supposed to protect you will instead pacify the crowd to find favor with the majority. And while this betrayal might hurt, hold fast to the ways and words of Jesus and fulfill the purpose God has assigned for your life.
Remain steadfast, even in the midst of pushback.

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