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Dynamic Redundancy

Dynamic Redundancy
By Pastor Mark White

“The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…” Mark 10:45 (NIV)
It's early February, someone backs up a little too far in a store parking lot and ends up spinning their tires in a snowdrift. You jump out and say, “Hey, can I give you a push?” You get behind the car - give it a shove and they give you that “Thank You” wave as they drive off.  The One & Done serving opportunities are a cool and wonderful way to serve but that is different than, let's say - raising a child. That’s where to love and serve your kids, you apparently have to keep showing up day after day.
Jesus lived to serve, and He showed up day after day. By giving Himself to his disciples and to the crowds. When confronted with human need, He didn’t walk away but served. He comforted those who were overwhelmed with sorrow. He ministered to the children, blessing them. On the cross, He provided for His mother. And over and over, He proclaimed the gospel and brought hope.
Our greatest impact in life is likely to come from serving the same people repeatedly.
If everything has to be new and interesting all the time, we will probably forfeit our greatest opportunity for impact and influence in life.  Instead of an act of service – we can build a legacy of service. It's incredible, and yet it's ordinary. It's extraordinary in its bulk, and in its sum, but it's just this slow and steady - bringing our best self again and again.
This dynamic redundancy is needed in every hospital, school, church, company, family, and heart. It’s this enduring capacity to bring one’s best self – again and again.
It's Repetitive. It’s Redundant.  Yet, it’s life giving.

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