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Why Doesn't God Do Something?

Why Doesn’t God Do Something?
By Lori Ennis

“For We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight.” II Corinthians 5:7
This week, we learned more about God’s omnipotence and the all-encompassing authority in both Heaven and on earth that Jesus has. 

And, if you even spend the tiniest bit of time in most churches, you’ll quickly be taught that God is in charge and can do all things. You learn He is Greater!
So I know I can’t be the only one in the world who wonders, “If He can do everything, then why doesn’t he do…something? If He has all authority over everything, why doesn’t He…prevent people from mocking Him? End world hunger? Cure cancer? Save my marriage? Save my child?”
The truth is there is no good answer to this. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise might also have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you as well.

Because there is simply no way to know the mind of God. His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8) The human in us desperately wants the answers to these very valid questions and many like these, but the fact of the matter is that our brains likely are not capable of coming close to comprehending.

But there IS something we DO know when we wonder why “God isn’t doing something.” Actually, there are a lot of somethings we know–namely that just because we can’t ‘see’ what it is that He’s doing it doesn’t mean He’s not doing it.

And that’s what faith is all about isn’t it? Believing despite what we see, or don’t see, as the case may be. Trusting in the unchanging goodness of His nature, despite our feelings or the circumstances. Believing that He is for us, and is with us always, even unto the end of the world (Matthew 28:20) and even when we feel all alone.

We’re directed to walk by faith… but if God gave us every answer and every solution, how could we? So many times we may feel like He’s not answering us or giving us enough for us to continue to ‘believe in Him,’ but maybe that’s the whole point–it’s not that He doesn’t have the answers or is ignoring us, but rather that the only way we can walk by faith in this world is to go without the answers and believe in Him and His love for us still.

And when we are able to walk in THAT faith…the knowledge that He is Ruler and Lord of all should make us leap with joy because that same Lord of all loves you and me so deeply. We can trust that not only has he ‘done something’ (sacrificed His life for us), but He’s doing something every second (preparing a place for us) and will one day usher us into eternity with Him! Hallelujah!

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