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"I love taking tests!" - Said no one ever

“I love taking tests!” -Said no one ever.
Tests are only scary when you don’t know the answer. The Bible is full of hard tests people went through. Yet, because they knew God and knew His Word, they were able to respond with the right answer and see lives changed!
I’m willing to bet when Abraham’s obedience to God was tested with Issac at an altar, he wasn’t thinking “This is a wonderful test of my commitment!” Yet, even before God sends the ram in Genesis 22:13, Abraham’s obedience is revealed. His trust in God was proven in his walk up the mountain, not down.
I’m willing to bet when the faiths of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were tested in Daniel 3 as they faced a furnace of fire they weren’t thinking, “Boy do I love this test of loyalty!” Yet, in Daniel 3:16-18, they boldly proclaimed faith in the face of the fire. Their trust in God was proven in their decision to not bow down.
We could talk about Job and perseverance, or Peter and persecution. We could discuss the prayer life of Nehemiah or the way David lived out The Word. They all faced trials in life that tested what they truly knew and believed about God. I bet you could look back at your own life and see the result of what you truly believe.
When life is testing your patience, or perseverance, or faith, how do you score? 
Psalms 119:11 says “I have treasured Your word in my heart, so that I may not sin against You.”

When life gets hard, I lean into the Word of God. Each page reminds me of who He is, despite who I am. I lean into that, so that I might not sin against Him, but rather cling to Him through it all.
What if you looked at every situation as if it’s a test?
What if, in seasons that feel without Hope, you trusted the God who sent the Ram?
What if, in seasons of hardship, you stood up and spoke Jesus into the fire before you?
What if, in the tests of life, you lived out the hope you have treasured in your heart?  

By: Pastor Amie Donovan
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