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His Gift is Free

Friday, February 10

His Gift Is Free
By: Pastor Todd Crofford

The oldest continuously operating church in the world is the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. And no, not in Pennsylvania! 

The structure is ancient, enormous and awe-inspiring. To get down to the grotto beneath where it is believed Jesus was born, you must stoop through a four-foot entranceway called The Door of Humility.  If you want to get to that sacred grotto, you have to bow.

This past Sunday we celebrated what Jesus did for us that we cannot do for ourselves. All our best efforts can never measure up to what it takes to get to God.  Only receiving the gift of salvation makes us right with him and allows us eternal life in his holy presence. To receive that, we must bow our hearts in humility.

Our pride would like to find a way to get it done ourselves, but we must repent of that self-reliance and even our belligerence toward God and admit how desperately we need Him.  

This is surprisingly hard for many of us, a road less traveled for this proud race.  

Give us the list, and let us figure out the winding road. How many sacrifices will suffice?

All God wants, and the only response He will accept, is our humble acceptance of His gift. Are you willing to be humbled, repent of your self-reliance and sin, and receive his free gift of salvation?

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