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The God Who Knows It All

Monday, February 6

The God Who Knows It All
By: Pastor Amie Donovan

The God who knows it all

“Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” -John 4:29

Let’s stop. Before we go any further, I want to encourage you to read John 4:1-42.

Have you ever wanted to just be left alone? Maybe it’s because your life is a mess. Maybe it’s because you’re confused and feeling broken. Maybe you’re just over hard people. The Samaritan woman’s testimony in John 4 is no different. She wasn’t looking for what she received, yet she got it anyway.

This woman isn't given a name. However, her nationality serves as an identification and reveals the radical way Christ came to her that afternoon. Formerly, the Samaritans were Jews. They were fully aware of the arrival of the Messiah. They were aware of Jewish law. 

However, they had married believers from different religions. They knew they would be excluded when the Messiah arrived because they had introduced new gods to their country. They were also aware of their status among Jews. In short, they were considered half-breads and hated. 

But Jesus.

Our Savior asks this woman for a drink which puzzles and honestly, probably irritates her. This woman is drawing water in the heat of the day on purpose. She likely isn’t accepted in her community, and we soon see a potential reason for it. She’s had many husbands, and the man she’s currently with is not her husband.

She stands there, exposed. Shame no doubt followed. “Why is He doing this? Why is He saying these things?” She without a doubt asks these questions in her mind as she processes who is standing in front of her. 


He tells her that He is the Living Water. He addresses her doubts, her fears, and her failures. 

And her response?

She goes and shares her testimony. A testimony that speaks not of who she was, but who Christ is. 

The Man that knows it all and met her at the well anyway.  

Her salvation wasn’t contingent on her perfect performance in life. It was contingent on God's perfect grace.

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