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These Crazy People

Monday, January 16, 2023

These Crazy People
By: Amie Donovan

We have a saying in our house for when we get upset about something. 

“Sometimes Jesus be busy.” 

It means that our attitude can get ahead of our holiness. In the gospel of Matthew, we read the testimony of a mother’s heart. She is requesting that her sons are placed in high positions when Jesus takes the throne as she understands it.

Moms. Am I right? God love them. 

The disciples hear of this request, and the scriptures say they become indignant (20:24). Jesus, in love, addresses their hearts. He reminds them what it means to be great in the heavenly perspective. He speaks into them another saying we often use in our home, “Not so with you.” (20:26) 

Sometimes people we love can have the craziest and most backward thoughts. If we’re honest, at times, we do too. When that happens in our home, we assume the posture of Jesus. We remind each other that we are set apart, and that while we live in this world we don’t think as the world thinks. When the world reaches for a crown, we are called to reach for the towel. 

This week when you want to think crazy thoughts that are not of Jesus, remember His words to the followers.

“Not so with you.”

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