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Stay in the Fight

January 5, 2023

Rev. Craig Groeschel
Life Church 

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?
-Mark 8:36

When my son Bookie was only a toddler, I saw him jumping and squealing with joy on our front porch. “My fwend! My fwend!” he shouted exuberantly, twisting and turning with delight.

As I looked where he was pointing, I saw what appeared to be a baby toy, maybe a plastic rattle or an action figure left by one of the older kids, on the edge of the porch. However, when I got closer, I noticed his “fwend” started squirming and making noise—it was a baby rattlesnake! I almost knocked Bookie silly getting him out of the way so I could “take care” of his little fwend.

I will never forget that moment, partially because it was both cute and dangerous at the same time. But it also offers a picture of how we often relate to something we think we need, something we’ll love, something we can’t live without. Harmless enough at first, it eventually causes great harm in our lives. We’re searching for something to meet our needs, only to be seduced by our dependence on a counterfeit that can hurt our souls.

Nothing is worth getting between you and your growing passion for loving God. Stay in the fight. Don’t be deceived by your own heart. Focus on God’s instead.

Pray: Lord, I often chase after things that I hope will fulfill me, only to be disappointed when they don’t. Remind me that you are the only one who can fill the longing in my heart.

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