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Mob Hysteria

Sidney D. Wheatley, Daily Devo – The Wesleyan Church
But they kept shouting, “Crucify him! Crucify him!”
(Luke 23:21)

On January 6, 2021, Americans witnessed something that many citizens never imagined would happen after an election. A mob of insurrectionists stormed the Capitol because they were not satisfied with the results of the recent elections. The crowd who gathered became hysterical and began to shout all kinds of inflammatory things toward the vice president and Congress. Some people who were there no doubt got caught up in the hysteria and did something they would have never done on their own.

We see such mob hysteria in this week’s reading. When Pilate wanted to release Jesus, the crowd wanted him crucified. Their noise grew louder and louder, so Pilate granted their wish. The hysteria created by the crowd was no doubt caused by those who thought they had something to lose, so they took measures in their own hands to stir the crowd to crucify Jesus.
Going along with the crowd can be dangerous. As Christians, we must be careful not to get caught up in mob mentality when facing challenging cultural issues. Rather, we are to be the salt and the light. When the mob wants to assassinate people’s character and livelihood just because they do not agree with us, may we set our hearts and minds to the ways of Jesus.
Avoid getting swept up in crowd hysteria and focus on Christlike behavior.

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